Lower Bucks Church of Christ

3810 Levittown Pkwy

Levittown, PA 19056


Welcome   Doctrine:

The Church of Christ serving the Lower Bucks Community follows the pattern of the first Christians in confession of faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. There are no other written creeds or statements of faith to which one must subscribe.

The Bible is the sole authority in spiritual matters and the right to interpret it is held by all. There is no official “church position” on any subject of Christian doctrine, though many beliefs are held in common among the members. One of the most distinctive of these relates to how a person becomes a Christian.

Becoming a Christian is a process of conversion in which one’s life is changed. It is a cooperative experience between God and man. God sent Jesus to show the way to receive a relationship with the father by means of His example of His death, burial, and resurrection.

God chose the method of preaching to spread the good news. The hearer comes to realize he/she has sinned or fallen short of God’s expectations of them and is inspired by faith committing his/her life to Jesus Christ. This commitment usually proceeded as follows in the Bible: First the person of faith experienced sorrows for past sins; he/she publicly confessed their new faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord; the believer was then immersed in water as commanded by Jesus, an act of faith in which God promises to forgive sins and provide His Spirit for our life to guide us in His ways. Finally the believer attempts to live by faith before God in a life of devotion and service. In the Bible this includes participation with a local body of believers (church) and sharing with others ones faith in Jesus Christ.



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